Aglaia LED Desk Lamp 7W Review

Aglaia LED Desk Lamp 7W Review
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For every endeavor, whether at work or play, there is an appropriate amount of light needed to perform the task at hand. But do you always have the right kind of light to place the least amount of strain on your eyes? Many times, this answer is no.

Our eyes are fascinating body parts that adjust to just about every situation. It is not uncommon for us to ignore the slight strain that is put on our eyes throughout the day because, after all, they do such a great job focusing and adjusting.

However, straining your eyes is not ideal for their long-term health. Straining can also cause short-term harm like headaches and pain.

So again, I will ask you, do you have the right kind of light for every situation?

Some desk lamps can the exact level of brightness that you need, which is okay if you are happy with just one option. However, there are actually lamps out there that provide two different levels of brightness, or even three.

Consider purchasing the Aglaia LED Desk Lamp 7W, Eye-care Dimmable Table Lamp. This lamp has three brightness levels and also many other features to be explained in the remainder of this article.


  • This lamp features three brightness settings which will suit just about any situation: Microbright, Bright and Ultrabright
  • A USB port is on the base so that you can charge any device you have without having to plug it directly into an outlet. This can be useful if you are low on outlet receptacles or if you would like to charge on your desk so that your device is always nearby
  • Rotates on its axis and has a flexible arm to light at any angle that your project might require


  • Uses LED bulbs, which are long-lasting and durable.
  • Easy on the eyes, these bulbs also are guaranteed to not flicker and are less harsh for eyes than other types of lights
  • Low energy usage is a result of the LED bulbs


  • Instructions ask that the user hold the base of the lamp while adjusting it and that the user does not adjust the angle of the lamp head very often. This may mean that it is not a very sturdy product
  • The lamp’s plug is very large and heavy
  • Other lamps have more brightness and light type options


For its price, this lamp would be a good addition for any work desk or hobbyists table. Because it features three different brightness settings, it can be used in any situation at any time of day.

There are a few negatives about this lamp, however they are overcome by its cheap price. For the features that this lamp has, it really is a good purchase.


If for some reason this lamp does not suit your needs, there are other choices out there.

If you are searching for more features and can afford to spend a little more money on your product, you should consider the BESTLOVE LED Gooseneck Dimmable Table Lamp. This lamp offers six total levels of brightness, which is higher than its counterpart.

It also has a 60-minute auto-off timer. That means if you fall asleep while reading this lamp will shut itself off. Also if you forget to flip it off at the office, there are no worries. It will be turned off when you return to the office after the weekend.

Like the Aglaia lamp, it has a highly adjustable head. This model, however has a gooseneck-type adjuster. Really, the adjustment type you prefer depends entirely on your preference.


If you are looking for a light source that can meet your needs, you should consider purchasing the Aglaia LED Desk Lamp 7W, Eye-care Dimmable Table Lamp. This lamp is very inexpensive although it has many features that you would want in a work or home office setting.

With its USB port, this lamp offers more than just lighting to your workspace. It really is a choice that would be great for anyone hoping to improve his or her desktop.

There are alternatives that have more brightness levels, however it is nearly unnecessary to have so many different settings. Three should suffice in just about any situation.

If you are looking for other devices, there are some that have more settings, but the Aglaia lamp offers so many features at a great price, you hardly need to spend any more more. The Aglaia lamp would be a great addition to your workspace.

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