Desk Lamp Types and How to Make the Best Purchase for Your Needs

Desk Lamp Types and How to Make the Best Purchase for Your Needs
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Whether you believe it to be or not, a glaring computer screen and a ceiling fan light in your home office is not enough light for you to read documents or search through files without damaging your eyes.

You may not realize how much your eyes are straining because they do such a good job at adjusting to any situation. However, you eyes need enough light so that they can function without having to strain.

If you have ever gotten a headache at your desk, that is a good indicator that your eyes are working too hard to see. Even if you have not noticed regular headaches, your eyes could still be working overtime just to perform the most basic functions.

The easiest way to protect your eyes is to purchase a desk lamp. Just the simplest of lights can help keep one of your body’s most important assets healthy and functioning properly.

But desk lamps these days can actually come with many features that will make your life at the office so much simpler and more fulfilling. In addition to aiding in eye protection, you can actually greatly improve your time at work just by adding the right type of desk lamp to the place you spend the most time.


Desk lamp types are extremely various and can range from a single-bulb tungsten lamp that turns on and off to lamps with multiple modes, timers and brightness levels. Here are a few things to look for that distinguish desk lamp types from one another.

  • Swivel head desk lamps vary from your everyday table lamp because they provide the right angle for you, whatever the job you are doing may be. Without having multiple modes or brightness levels, you can actually accomplish this slightly just by changing the angle from which your lamp is shining
  • Gooseneck desk lamps are very similar to the swivel head lamps in that you can accomplish a slight variance in brightness by moving the angle from which the lamp shines. However, the gooseneck feature actually allows even more mobility. With these types of lamps, you must be careful to choose a lamp that has a heavy enough base so that any angle you shape it in does not cause the lamp to fall over
  • Multiple brightness lamps will actually have various settings that can provide multiple levels of brightness. These lamps can have buttons, be touch-sensitive or even adjust automatically depending on the amount of light in the room. Lamps with adjustable brightness levels can have more than 10 levels or as few as two or three
  • Multiple mode lamps offer different tones of lighting for various situations. For instance, most include a reading mode that uses a white light and a relax mode that has a warmer, yellowish tone. Oftentimes these modes are paired with multiple brightness levels per mode. To determine the amount of options that any lamp will have, simply multiply the amount of modes times the amount of brightness levels
  • Organizer desk lamps have a base that features several chambers you can use to store office supplies
  • Clip desk lamps have a clip as a base so you can use these lamps in traditional, or not-so-traditional, placements in your office
  • USB port desk lamps have a USB plug so that you can charge devices on your desk
  • LED desk lamps are usually good options to consider because these types of bulbs have a much longer life than tungsten bulbs. These lamps also use a substantially smaller amount of energy, measured in watts, and are proven to be easier for your eyes than other types of bulbs


There is really no right or wrong choice when choosing a desk lamp type. In essence, if you are considering purchasing a desk lamp you need to consider all of the options out there and weigh which are important to you.

Some of these options are more expensive than others, but not very. Money should not be the only determining factor because each feature typically costs within the same ballpark. Just be sure that you are getting all you need for your setting.

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