Desk Lamp vs. Table Lamp: Which is Best for You?

Desk Lamp vs. Table Lamp Which is Best for You
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Well, you have your bedroom reorganized. The furniture is either new or painted and you have your drapes, sheets and bedspread all picked out. Even the rug matches. But you still face one decision. What type of lamps should you get to go on your bedside tables?

The age-old dilemma has once again come to light. Should you choose function or form?

On the one hand, you could choose to purchase two matching table lamps to go on either side. There are so many options that you can choose between to style the lamp to perfectly match your new décor.

However, because you are such an avid reader, this lamp will likely not have the functionality that you need it to. Because it has a broad, radiant output, this lamp will also disturb your partner.

Another decision you could make is to purchase a pair of desk lamps. These lamps typically have various settings that are meant to provide the right type of light for any situation.

If you need to read while your partner needs to sleep, they also have a very precise angle for their light. It does not typically shine elsewhere to disturb those around you.

Ultimately, deciding between a desk lamp and a table lamp should be based on your personal needs. However, before you invest in your purchase, you should consider both types so that you can make the most informed decision.

Table Lamp Features

  • As previously mentioned, the biggest advantage of purchasing a table lamp is that they are extremely customizable. Lamps can be found in a myriad of shapes, sizes, colors and styles. To add to the options, you can also purchase lampshades separately, making your lamp a truly unique statement piece.
  • Some table lamps have features that are similar to desk lamps, like multiple brightness levels. This can be beneficial to adjust to various types of events you may have going on in your home
  • Table lamps are typically better at lighting a more broad area than a desk lamp. For instance, desk lamps are meant to be suited for a single-person use during a project. A table lamp can be used as a lighting source for part of a living room. A rule of thumb is that a lighting source with disbursed light like a table lamp should be placed every 10 feet of a room

Desk Lamp Features

Although desk lamps do not usually have the multitudinous stylistic options that can be found in table lamps, there are many other features that they do have.

  • Compartments for organizing are sometimes found on the bases of desk lamps. This can be very useful for keeping your desk tidy, especially if your desk does not have many storage options or drawers
  • Charging options are a great addition that comes with many desk lamps. For instance, a USB port is a helpful feature that many desk lamps have. By having a USB port nearby, you can charge your device and have it at-hand, rather than far away at an outlet
  • Color temperature modes are useful additions to many desk lamps. These modes provide various settings for you to adjust if you are looking to change your mood. For instance, a yellow-colored tone is meant for relaxation while a bright white color would be best suited for focus
  • Brightness options are a must for desk lamps
  • Desk lamps are also much more adjustable than table lamps so that you can find the appropriate position for any project


Essentially, the choice between a table lamp and a desk lamp is for you to decide. However, you should consider your needs and see which lighting source best fits that description.

For instance, if you are looking to brighten a room, a table lamp is certainly the best choice. Remember that this lamp is more decorative and gives more style options.

But if you are looking to find the right light source for your upcoming project, a desk lamp could very well be the product that you need to protect your eyes and be a worthwhile investment.

There is no right answer, only a right option for you to decide.

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