Tao Tronics LED Desk Lamp with USB Charging Port Review

Tao Tronics LED Desk Lamp with USB Charging Port Review
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It can be pretty frustrating to work in an environment that is not suitable for the task at hand. But what is worse is when that environment can actually cause you injury.

There are few people in this world who are in a good mood with a headache. These symptoms can be caused by stress or allergies, but most often headaches at work are caused by reading under inappropriate lighting sources.

You may not notice that your eyes are straining, however under the right kind of light you can realize that it is much easier to read, write, draw or do whatever task is at hand.

Straining your eyes can actually have much longer lasting impacts than simple headaches. When eyes are forced to work too hard for long periods of time, permanent damage can begin to manifest.

No job or hobby is worth risking one of the most important body parts you have. Not to mention this detriment can make you very unhappy during day-to-day life.

However, lamps that have varying brightness levels as well as different color modes can suit just about every single situation. These lamps can also help stave off headaches and bad moods caused by eyestrain. One of the best desk lights on the market is the LED Desk Lamp with USB Charging Port by TaoTronics.


  • The TaoTronics Eye-caring light does just what its name suggests and helps take care to preserve eyesight. That is because this lamp uses LED bulbs, which are known to be much better for the eyes than tungsten light bulbs
  • LED bulbs are also much more energy efficient and tend to last approximately 25 years, so they are very sturdy
  • Setting memory aids workers returning to the same situation again and again. You will not have to reset your lamp each time you turn it on because it will remember which setting was last used
  • A USB charger will allow you to plug in any device that uses a USB cord


  • Although some lamps get very hot, this lamp’s design has a perforated head and a ring of lights so that heat can dissipate more easily
  • There are 15 different combinations of lights because there are three different color temperatures and five different brightness levels. This means this lamp will work in just about any situation for any job
  • This lamp has two axis’ to adjust from so that you can find a great angle no matter what you are doing


  • Because this lamp was not meant for lighting up a room, it is not quite bright enough to do so. Light omitted from this lamp is best for personal use


Like any shopping experience, you should consider other options to be sure that you are making the best choice.

A similar item is the LED Desk Lamp Fugetek FT-K798, Exclusive Model. This product offers four different lighting modes and four levels of brightness, which is slightly higher than the product mentioned above.  However, this lamp comes at a higher price.

Both lamps can be easily folded for storing and both use LED bulbs. The reviews on this product aren’t quite as high as the other model. This model does not have much range of motion so it can be difficult to position so that it does not glare in one way or another.


To avoid damaging your eyes every single day as you read, work or play with a hobby, it is important that you find a light source that will adjust to your needs. The LED Desk Lamp with USB Charging Port by TaoTronics is the right light that will meet those needs. With its other great features, it is sure to surprise you with its quality.

Many other desk lamps that are similar to this light have an issue with heat. Most of them get so hot that they can either burn you or they burn so hot that the lamp is damaged and dangerous to use. This lamp foregoes that issue because of its design with breathable head.

Also, the design of this lamp is great for adjusting it to sit in whatever angle you need to get the job done.And of course, the most important feature, is that is can adjust to just about any lighting situation you need so that your eyes are protected from harmful straining at all times.

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