Tenergy 11W Dimmable LED Desk Lamp Review

Tenergy 11W Dimmable LED Desk Lamp Review
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You may or may not suffer from headaches when staring at projects for a prolonged amount of time, but did you know that your eyes may be straining even if you don’t have immediate effects?

If you are struggling to read data sheets for hours at a time, you like to put together robotics as a hobby or even if you are an avid cross-stitcher, your eyes may be suffering without even knowing it.

Of course, tired eyes or headaches spurred from prolonged focusing could be the first signs of eye fatigue. However, our eyes are so great at adjusting to our surrounding we may not notice how hard they are working.

Look at a window and then stare at your feet. Notice the shift in your eyes’ focus? If your eyes are straining for prolonged periods of time to see in areas of low lighting, you need to do something about it fast before they are permanently damaged.

One solution is to purchase a lamp that has multiple capabilities for its type of lighting. For instance, the Tenergy 11W Dimmable LED Desk Lamp With Built-in USB Charging Port.


  • This lamp has four lighting types (Cool, Natural, Mild and Warm White) with five dimming levels to perfectly suit your mood and the task at hand
  • USB port for charging any device that uses a USB cable. Basically, this lamp can help you charge your device at your desk so that you can continue to use it while it charges rather than have it plugged in at a far away outlet
  • LED bulbs last much longer than typical bulbs and they are also easier on your eyes
  • An auto-off timer will shut this lamp off just in case you fall asleep reading or forget to turn it off before a long weekend away from the office. This is yet another great energy-saving feature of this lamp


  • Uses 85 percent less energy than other types of lamps that use incandescent bulbs
  • Has 20 different settings so it is sure to meet your every need
  • It can easily fold for storing
  • Has a touch panel so that you do not have to use buttons


  • Is meant to illuminate a small space, so this lamp will not brighten an entire room
  • Piano black finish is sleek and shiny, however it can easily become covered in fingerprints


To be a smart shopper, you should consider other options in order to make the best choice. Another similar product is the Omaker Dimmable LED Desk Lamp 5 Level Dimmer and Cold.

Similar to the Tenergy option, this lamp has five brightness options and five different color temperatures. That means it has a total of 25 different mode combinations. This model is also very easy to fold and store away. Because of its design, it has a lot of different position options so you can set it any way that you might need to to best light your hobby.

Unfortunately this lamp has a lower customer satisfaction score for its ratings. Some users also complain that the length of cord is not quite long enough for practical use. This lamp also features a USB port for charging devices and its buttons are also touch-sensitive like the Tenergy model.


Of course no job or hobby is worth risking the health of your eyesight. However, most of us are required to work and we need hobbies for enjoyment. So, the answer is to find the right lamps that can protect us from damage. The Tenergy 11W Dimmable LED Desk Lamp With Built-in USB Charging Port will do just that.

With its multiple options for lighting, it is sure to meet any situation that you might have, like a low-lit desk or a hobby that needs lots of brightness.

One of the most overlooked features of this lamp is its energy efficiency. Because it uses LED bulbs, the lamp uses up to 85 percent less energy than other types of lamps. It is also efficient because it will turn itself off after one hour of use. That means if you forget to shut off your lamp before leaving for vacation, it will not be on pointlessly for an entire week or more.

There are many other options out there for desk lamps, but this Tenergy 11W Dimmable LED Desk Lamp With Built-in USB Charging Port takes the cake. There are no other products out there at such a great price with so many features.

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